Private training

Private training is tailored to your specific needs, your injuries and your actual health problems. The training sessions always differ and are adjusted according to the energy you have on the given day. The training goes at the pace of your abilities while gradually increasing the intensity to avoid injuries and demotivation.

We schedule the sessions as we go; you decide how often we meet.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a lot of equipment to train at home and to achieve results comparable to if you would train at the gym. You can do several exercises without any material. However, to diversify the workouts, rubber bands, a floor mat and a yoga ball are inexpensive accessories that allow a range of different exercises. If you want to equip yourself with free weights and machines, I can guide you in your purchases.

Circuit workouts interspersed with cardiovascular exercises are the most popular workouts, as they are efficient and stimulating. They are perfect for people who aim for weight loss, muscle building or general fitness.

If you have more specific objectives, such as gaining mass, preparing for a race, rehabilitating from an injury or any other challenge, I can plan the workout sessions accordingly.

Private training

Private training



With Skype, it is straightforward to see each other online, even if you’re a computer novice.
All you need is an Internet connection and a camera on an electronic device (computer, tablet, cell phone).

Online sessions are as professional as in person.
With Skype, I can see and hear my clients in real time, as if I was with them. Here are some examples of why my clients may prefer an online session: they are outside of my service area, they want to save money, they travel a lot for business, etc.

Also, unlike private training, where I only offer sessions of 60 minutes and more, I offer online sessions of 30 minutes.
You can also do your workouts in the outdoors if you have an Internet connection.
Another advantage of online training is making groups of people who are in different places at the same time, no matter where they are in the world.

For example: you are in your living room in Montreal, your cousin is at his home in Chicoutimi and your colleague is in his hotel room in London.
On Skype, I will see you three at the same time. Besides the fact that it is more motivating to train with others, group rates are more advantageous.

Private training

Private training

At home


Would you like to meet a kinesiologist in person? I travel at no additional cost in Montreal or on the South Shore. Please see the map with my service area. The workouts are done at your home, at your workplace or your condo’s gym. The sessions can also take place in your backyard or a park.

Private training

Private training

in an online group or at home


The group effect is very motivating. Training in small groups (3 to 5 people) remains personalized and meets everyone’s objectives and limits.
You do not need to be a homogeneous group; I can adapt accordingly to your individual strengths, weaknesses and injuries.

I offer this service in person and online. One advantage of online groups is to do workouts with people who are in different places at the same time.
See the online training section of my website for more details. Also, group rates are more advantageous.

Learn more about my kinesiology services in your workplace.

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