Since 2015, I have been training with the help of Jean-François. I lost more than 60 lbs, I am in good shape and I have regained self-confidence. Jean-François is competent, professional and attentive to my needs. It adapts to me, to my schedule, and even trains me in virtual when I am outside. With him no need for large equipment whether in my living room, office, outside or in a hotel room, he works with what is around me.
A little "IN" he comes to train my staff directly to our company on dinner hours or other !!!! It’s very motivating and you come home and your training is done!
I recommend it to everyone, beginner or marathon runner, etc. He will have the training for you. Thank you for being so respectful Jean François!

Lyse Camerlain, Saint-Lambert/Brossard

JF has been my online trainer for a few years now and I plan to stay with him for a long time. I live in a very remote area so my coaching options are very limited. When I saw his web page, I deduced that he was very competent and that he could push me; I was not wrong! The programs he offers are interesting, hard at times and he makes me discover lots of new ways to train. Even though I do it all online, it always takes time to review each new program with me and is always available if I have questions. I feel good but above all I feel strong and it is good thanks to him - highly recommended !!!

Mélanie Cayouette, Labrador City

I live in the region and I hate going to the gym, so I was looking for a private trainer capable of doing programs from a distance. While searching the net I read an article in the Journal de Québec which spoke of Jean-François. And bingo !! By contacting him I knew that I had found the coach I needed! Jean-François knew how to listen to me and offer me a perfectly adapted program. And if I was a little skeptical at first, I confirm that training at home is as effective as that at the gym! Except that we do it in the comfort and privacy of our home, no monthly subscription to pay and we can make our program at the time that suits us! I finally discover taking pleasure in moving thanks to Jean-François! Thank you!!

Anne-Marie, La Pocatière

Jean-François is a great coach!
I’ve been training at home with him for about 6 months and I’m really happy with the results. I have never felt so fit!
He is very professional, punctual, respectful and attentive to his client's goals.
A pearl !

Élisabeth, Mont-Saint-Bruno

I have been training with Jean-Francois for almost 8 years. As a young mother with excess weight and a knee injury, my goal was to take charge of my health. Jean-Francois designed training sessions adapted to my condition and he was a source of motivation for me. Training at home has allowed me to persevere all these years. Today, with almost 90lbs less, I am proud of my body and I can enjoy life.

Anna, Repentigny

After my knee surgery, I was very restricted in my activities and my movements and I knew that doing physical activity would do me good both physically and mentally. Jean-François was attentive to my needs and adapted all the exercises so that I could perform them safely. It gave me the motivation I needed to get back to moving!

Caroline, Montreal

We were looking for a private trainer to get back in shape for our growing family. The first meeting went very well and it was at this time that Jean-Francois informed us of his follow-up and virtual training formula. With this formula, everything was simplified. Jean-Francois follows us everywhere, no matter the place, no matter the time zone. No more excuses for being too tired to go to the gym or being outside the country to cancel or postpone workouts. In addition, Jean-Francois is a dedicated coach without judgments. He quickly adapts to his client and his objectives, thus developing a solid relationship of trust. We have been training with Jean-Francois for 3 years now at the rate of 2 training sessions per week and we no longer remember the last time that we had to cancel a training session despite the fact that we both work full time and that we have two young boys aged 4 and 11 months. Besides, they participate assiduously in training;)

Natacha et Remi, Montreal

Jean-François my virtual coach I couldn't have found a closer gym and a better coach: right in my living room! Twice a week out of bed, I put on my leggings, I put on my mat and my rubber bands, I open the computer and magic: I'm at the gym with my private coach! No need to take the car, to rush to be on time: Jean-François is there in virtual on Skype with all his professionalism. My goal was to get my muscles back in shape. Jean-François took the time to get a good overview of my profile, my minor injuries and my expectations. Already after two weeks, I felt the form return. After two months of routines and valuable advice, I am in great shape and ready for challenges. The time I save on my travels is a plus for my quality of life. I recommend Jean-François Grégoire and the virtual sessions to all my friends.

Manon Sauvageau, Quebec City

From our first meeting with Jean-François, we knew that he would be the right person to guide us on our fitness journey. Very respectful and attentive to our condition, he always adapts to our situation: whether at home or during our travels. Punctual, professional, smiling and kind ... We highly recommend it.

Michel et Micheline, retraités de l’Île-des-Sœurs (Montréal)

Jean-François is a private trainer and an accomplished professional. He has a flexible approach and remains on the cutting edge of developments, particularly for virtual training. He is always attentive to my different needs (diet, jogging training, bodybuilding program, etc.). He is also extremely rigorous in planning our training and follow-up, which I greatly appreciate. I highly recommend it! Thanks JF!
He is my kinesiologist since 10 years!

Patrick Audet, Île-des-Sœurs (Montréal)

J-f has been my coach for over a year. We have been communicating remotely since day one! He creates my training according to my goals and the results I have are what I want. I feel he is listening to my needs and that he is always available if I have questions.

Janie Daneault, Thurso

I have retained the services of Kinetogo for 6 months now. For me, Kinetogo is the ability to have a fitness professional on my fingertips. Whether by email or social media, Jean-François is always available to answer my questions. He keeps abreast of developments in my situation. It offers a flexible work schedule. Knowing someone is behind me for my health, encourages me to persevere!

Michel Frechette, Montreal